PLC Basic

Course Overview

This course is designed to provide knowledge and skill in PLC applications as it relates to various industries and technologies. Each student will be given the necessary hands-on experience to develop and run his or her own PLC programs.


Students should be computer literate, and have a working knowledge of relays and solenoids.


Upon completion of this 30 hour course, you should be able to:

  1. Describe the operation of various ladder diagrams
  2. Explain the function of logical devices such as:3. Explain the principles of Boolean Algebra
    • Contacts
    • Coils
    • Timer
    • Counters
  3. Convert hardwire schematics to programmable logic
  4. Design, write and run simple PLC programs using timers and counters
  5. Design, write and run your own PLC programs to meet various industrial and commercial applications