Polyphase Automation is an Ontario company founded in 1999. We offer excellent classroom training with more flexibility than most of our competitors.

Our PLC trainers are integrated with fluid power applications. For example, packaging, industrial machines, pick and place robot arm, and current to pressure are some of the applications that are performed in the classroom. Our training programs are also economically priced.

In addition to classroom training, Polyphase Automation designs and fabricates bottle filling lines for small and medium sized industries, with straight line and star wheel index fillers being our specialty. We also perform industrial machine retrofit and conveyor system layout and automation. We design and write custom made programs for companies and individuals.

Mission Statement

  1. To provide the highest level of workmanship that is driven by experience, integrity and pride
  2. To ensure the highest level of efficiency in the various engineering disciplines in which we train people for the world of work
  3. To promote a commitment to excellence that will enhance the role of Polyphase Automation as a dynamic and innovative establishment