PLC Advanced 1

Course Overview

This course is designed to provide advanced knowledge and skill in PLC applications as it relates to various industries and technologies. Each student will be given the necessary hands-on experience to develop and run his or her own PLC programs.


Students should be computer literate, and have a working knowledge of decimal system, binary system, binary coded decimal (BCD), octal system, and hexadecimal system.


  • Upon completion of this 42 hour course, you should be able to:
  • Develop PLC programs with Jump (JMP), Label (LBL) and Subroutine instructions
  • Develop PLC programs to control robot arms, using sequencer & comparison instructions
  • Write programs using Message (MSG) instructions
  • Write programs with bit shift-left & bit shift-right instructions
  • Scale analog input & output data for analog control
  • Design, write and run your own advance PLC programs to meet various industrial and commercial applications

Course Format

  • The duration of the course will be (42 hours)
  • Six hours per day: three hours lecture and three hours lab
  • Handout material with lab manual will be provided to each student

Topics Overview

  1. Input and output sequencer instructions
  2. Jump and label instructions
  3. Subroutine instructions
  4. Data files instructions with memory mapping
  5. Math instructions for analog and PID control
  6. Advanced PLC Programming concepts and applications

Mark Summary:

  • PLC concept test 15%
  • Programming test 35%
  • Practical project 50%